SAFAT extends their lead

Our current leaders, Swedish Armed Forces Adventure Team, seem unstoppable at the moment. They are ahead of everybody, controlling their pace, sticking to their smart sleep strategy and most importantly – staying away from errors. We caught up with the team captain, John Karlsson, in the middle of twelfth stage – a 31km long trek […]

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Stage 7 – Mountain Bike

And we are on a bike once again! After the breathtaking rafting stage, teams will be for sure very refreshed and ready to push once again! Remember that we are now deep in the Norwegian beauty-land so the vistas are incredible! We have chatted to the first teams doing this stage and they were truly […]

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Day 4 – Highlights

Follow all the action on our live-tracking HERE! […]

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Sleepmonsters for team Kuwait

It has been a tough race so far and all teams have been struggling in their own way. Infamous “sleepmonsters” (slang used in adventure racing for a state of extreme tiredness when strange things start to happen) struck the Synergy Kuwait Extreme resulting in light halucinating and confusion. Synergy Kuwait Extreme is a really unique […]

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Stage 6 – Rafting

Our Vikings are now entering one of the more dramatic valleys of the course! Huge rock faces on both sides will really make them feel tiny! They will start conquering this valley in the most fun way possible – a proper river rafting! Despite quite low water levels, there are still plenty of class 4 […]

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Day 3 – Highlights

Photo by Kirsten Oliver Follow our Viking on the live-tracking HERE! […]

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NIAR "Valhalla" 2019

Welcome to a true Nordic Adventure - a six day race that journeys from the Swedish mountains to the Norwegian coast.

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NIAR "Ragnarök" 2019

Discover the newborn in the NIAR family.

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Mixed teams of four will set out on a journey to explore the Nordic legacy.

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