Nordic Islands Adventure Race started out from an idea. An idea about bringing back Adventure Racing from the old glories days 20 years back when the Adventure Racing was strongly established as a sport.


At the beginnings of Nordic Islands Adventure Race (below referred to NIAR) we wanted to choose a theme for the race. A theme from past, with rich local history and influence from the North. A theme that reflect and characterised an Adventure Racer.

It was easy, The Vikings!

Brave women and men who struck out into the unknown, seeking adventures and opened the boarders socially. They where explorers, settlers and curious of what they could find traveling the globe. Just like Adventure Racers.


The first ever Nordic Islands Adventure Race was heled 2018 between Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Through the Åland islands and the enchanting archipelago around Åland and Finlands main land. At start 23 team took on the quest to conquer the first ever true race through an archipelago before they finished in the costal city of Turku, historically the oldest city in Finland.

WHY NIARgames?

NIAR is a shortening of Nordic Islands Adventure Race. As Nordic Island Adventure Race grew into more races we choose to collect all races under one umbrella. NIARgames was the out come. “Games” to explain that NIAR are now more than one race just like a Series, NIAR just choose to call it Games instead. For 2019 NIAR call their games/races for “Ragnarök” and “Valhalla” after the Nordic mythology.


NIAR aim to host the best event possible and show the most unique nature in the area. Both for the athlete and the audience. NIAR strive to create and build relationships and redefine the sport of Adventure Racing to a modern era through technology, social media and live coverage. NIAR believes that through sport and history we can bring people together.


Today NIAR consist of a core team of 10 people but totally relay on all the fantastic STAFF we have.

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