Vikings have arrived to Åre!

Photo by Kirsten Oliver


All teams for Nordic Islands Adventure Race “Valhalla” have now arrived at Holiday Club Åre where they will be hosted for the next couple of days. With one day to the start, today will be full of gear checks, interviews, race administration as well as some final relaxation ahead of the days of the extremely strenuous activity.

The village is currently experiencing magnificent, sunny weather encouraging teams to head out and visit the sites on offer.  Some prefer to head out for a few hours on their own on a gondola ride to the summit of Åreskutan – to clear their heads and focus on what’s to come.  Most can be seen in their distinctive groups of four, wandering around the town, shopping for copious quantities of high energy foods or lazing on the sofas at the hotel, reconnecting with old friends from around the world.

On the flip side of the race, there are a number of race organisers and volunteers darting about the town in their distinctive, brightly coloured vests to indicate the nature of their job at the event.  Race Directors, Media, Logistics, Medics – all with important tasks to do before tomorrow’s start. These men and women are moving considerably faster than the teams right now but that will definitely change with the start signal on Saturday at 18:00!

Later, when the sun is still high in the sky but the clock tells us it is evening, the teams and crew will gather together again to relax in the beautiful dining hall of Holiday Club Åre to eat and chat before a final good night’s rest.

Tune in today at 18:00 for the first daily livestream, to learn more about the race, competitors and everything you need to know about the Nordic Adventure Race Valhalla!

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