The game is on!

From the start, teams rushed down the hill and went straight into Holiday Club Åre in record time!

Some say it was because they really have enjoyed their stay in the hotel – so they just couldn’t wait to be back!

Here are the timings as they were leaving the TA1 on their mountain bikes:


1: Swedish Armed Forces Adventure Team 18:59

2: Hamilton Adventure Team 19:05

3: Agde Raid Aventure Ensangble 19:12

4: Storm Racing Canada 19:17

5: Tuctri-Absoluraid 19:25

6: Synergy Kuwait Extreme 19:32

7: Hard Days Night 19:42

8: Team Holiday Club Åre 19:43

9: Chaos Machine/Balega 19:56


Follow them on our live-tracking HERE!

Photo by Anna Åberg

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