Stage 6 – Rafting

Our Vikings are now entering one of the more dramatic valleys of the course! Huge rock faces on both sides will really make them feel tiny!

They will start conquering this valley in the most fun way possible – a proper river rafting! Despite quite low water levels, there are still plenty of class 4 sections that will really test teams’ paddling skills! To ensure high level of safety, rafting guides from Opplev Oppdal will accompany our competitors in rafts as well as follow them in kayaks.

Unfortunately this river has a sad story tied to it. It used to be full of salmons but due to a parasite all salmons are now gone. This parasite is still very much present and therefore teams will have to change all their clothes and shoes at TA6 to prevent this parasite from infiltrating other rivers. Our race organization works closely with the local community to ensure all rules are followed as well as to create more awareness about this issue.

Follow the race on our live-tracking HERE!

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