Stage 4 – Mountain Biking


THE monster stage is here – 227 km of mountain biking! Keep in mind that it is 227km only when navigated perfectly without errors! It will only take a single mistake and teams might be covering much more. The total climb is almost 5000 height meters with two mountains to cross where athletes will get far above the treeline as well as their comfort level.

The trail they will follow is the old Carolean Army Route where the Swedish Carolean Army ended up in a deadly blizzard on their way to Sweden in January 1719. These days it is a very popular and well-marked trail that is extremely popular among locals and tourists alike. To honour this tragic event CP10 is placed at a monument that celebrates the fallen soldiers.

There is no doubt that this will be a tough stage; but along the way the competitors will fall in love with some of most epic single trails to be found in the area.

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Photo by Simon Bo Silverdahl

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