Stage 3 – Trekking

This is an epic one! This 62 km trekking goes through an area that just a few locals have ever been. Together with the upcoming MTB stage – this is where the tough need to get tougher and teams will really have to dig deep.
Leaving from the TA2 they will set on a wet and demanding adventure with only few marked trails out there. In the first half, the terrain is goes up and down all the time – it will be like a somewhat slow rollercoaster. During this stage, they will pass a unique hunting castle called Rensjösätern that is what you would call a treasure in the middle of nowhere. It was built in 1884 by a man called Oscar Dickson 1884 and its pink fasade will leave the athletes in aww!
See how they move on the map via our live-tracking HERE!

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