Sleepmonsters for team Kuwait

It has been a tough race so far and all teams have been struggling in their own way. Infamous “sleepmonsters” (slang used in adventure racing for a state of extreme tiredness when strange things start to happen) struck the Synergy Kuwait Extreme resulting in light halucinating and confusion.

Synergy Kuwait Extreme is a really unique team as each team member comes from a different country. Having team from Kuwait, Belgium, Brazil and Australia really shows how sport can connect people coming from different parts of the world. However, in our sport it can cause some unforeseen complications.

Reportedly, when tired during the monster bike leg, members of Synergy Kuwait Extreme started to communicate in their native languages without really realizing that they don’t understand each other. So imagine a situation where Ahmed was speaking Arabic, Debbie Dutch, Thor English and Doug Portuguese! Must have been quite tough to agree on their racing strategy…

See if they have agreed on the correct direction on our live-tracking HERE!
Photo by Göran Röjhagen

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