Second place for Hamilton

It has truly been an eventful race for Hamilton Adventure Team! They had few unfortunate moments but persevered and finished in amazing second place!

They started very strong, challenging Swedish Armed Forces Adventure Team and even leading couple of times! However, during the third stage they felt behind and since then weren’t able to recover. They were still racing a strong race but simply were not able to catch up. Furthermore, they had few unlucky moments – most notably it was when they broke one of their bikes. If you haven’t heard the incredible story it – read it HERE!

Hamilton Adventure Team really takes their racing seriously. Besides being physically well prepared, they are also focusing on mental preparations as well as improvements in their team work. Team captain Maria Ehlin Kolk explains: “in our team we are completely different personalities but we make it work thanks to our extensive mental and teamwork preparation. There are many teams that are mostly focusing on the physical part, which is undoubtedly extremely important, but we understand that working well together as a team has a great impact on the overall result as well as on our racing experience.”

We are glad to have this young and ambitious team and we can’t wait to see them perform for years to come!

Use the rewind-slider on our live-tracking to see their whole journey HERE!
Photo by Honza Zak

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