Post-race impressions

It has been two weeks since the race ended and we are proud about all the positive reactions we have received from our athletes.
Here are some of them:

“Adventure has a new definition after this!”

“That was the most beautiful race I have ever done!”

“How do we describe it? BRUTAL!!”

“It is difficult to find the words”

“Wow, what a whirlwind NIAR was!”

“After this experience, I’m looking at my family with new eyes.”

“One more proof that Adventure Racing is the best thing you can do to (re)discover a country.”

“It has been a fantastic adventure!”

“I loved those fjords.”

“This iss the prettiest adventure race we have EVER done!”

“It’s been far from easy!”

“What a magical race!”

“It was a tough race but sometimes you feel like nothing is impossible.”

“Loved every minute of it!”

“I feel privileged – it was an opportunity of a lifetime!”

“A fantastic adventure from start to finish!”

“This race had it all!”

“The mountain biking was epic!”

“Racing and competing in Norway was like living my dreams!”

“Sometimes if felt like a place from a commercial.”

“We have seen some incredible places!”

“Memory for life!”

“We will definitely be back!”

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