Planing overview for NIAR Ragnarök

Hey Athletes

We now have 8 days until we see each other at check in on Downtown Camper by Scandic. We are excited to have you all and psyched to show you around new neighbourhoods around Stockholm. We will Live borad cast from this race, have phenomenal new live tracking and amazing updates from our media crew for four days, so you family and friends easily can follow your adventure. All on and social media.

We also have to ask you to bring your own Kayak Bags. We made an order from China for new Kayak Bags but they will not arrive in time for the race. Kayak bags / duffelbag (NO wheels please) can be 120L big and weigh 25 kg. If you have a ARWS standard Kayak bag they will also be allowed (150x50x50cm). Thanks for your understanding.

Welcome to your race!

Best regards,
Staffan Björklund & Micke Hanell

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