Making friends in the back!

During the race, teams meet each other very often. Sometimes they meet in transitions and sometimes out in the wild. The overall atmosphere is very friendly but still competitive – especially in the front where teams race for positions. However, when it comes to the teams in back positions – the situation can be quite a lot different.

Last night, teams ‘Chaos Machine Balega’ and ‘Holiday Club Åre’ met in the TA4 – the transition just before the 227km mountain bike stage. The American team arrived there on foot – while the female team Holiday Club Åre had to skip the last checkpoint of the previous stage and was transported to TA4 by the organizer (which makes them unranked). Teams left the transition separately but when they later met – they have decided to join forces and tackle the epic MTB stage together.

They rode together all night long – supporting each other along the way. The next day midday, when it was time for a lunch break, both teams stopped in a local café. We don’t know if that was planned but they all ended up sleeping in the middle of the café to the surprise of the owner and customers alike.

Follow both teams’ progress on our live-tracking HERE!

Photos by our best field reporter Hans Olsson

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