First night is done!

Racing at night is always tough. Before the race, athletes had been worried about the temperature drop and rightfully so – over the first night it was as low as 3 degrees Celsius in the highlands. This might not sound like an extreme cold but when was the last time you were running in these temperatures all night with completely wet feet?!
Cold conditions like this are normal for many teams, however, it is not the case for all of them. For example Ahmad Almajed from Kuwait shared his concerns before the race: “When I was leaving home it was 46 degrees Celsius so I am not exactly trained for the cold weather. But I hope it will be fine.” On the other hand, French teams were excited about being in the cold and in the mountains and that is exactly why they chose this race in the first place. Only time will tell who come on the top but one thing is clear – we don’t call them VIKINGS for nothing!
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