Final results


It’s a wrap!
Nordic Islands Adventure Race Valhalla 2019 is done and what a race it was!

Last week our athletes (read “Vikings”) tackled an incredible 667km course from Åre, Sweden to Ålesund in Norway. This really is not something you do every day – journey this demanding required months and months of preparations, exceptional endurance, rock solid mind and a bulletproof teamwork! Just showing up at the start line was a victory by itself!

Here are our Vikings that took up and won the challenge:

1, SAFAT 106:15:43h
2, Hamilton Adventure Team 120:07:46 h
3, TucTri Absulo Raid 137:13:02 h
4, Hard Days Night 152:13:14 h
5, STORM Racing 153:59:28 h

Short Course:
6, Chaos Machine Balega 162:35:10 h

*Holiday Club Åre
*Synergy Kuwait Extreme
*Agde Raid Adventure Ensangble

Rewind their journey on our tracking HERE!
Photo by Honza Zak

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