Disaster for Hamilton solved by French team

Until now, Hamilton Adventure Team had an amazing race, racing strong in 2nd place. However, shortly after departing from TA3 they suddenly stopped. One of their bikes broke.

Hamilton just started their third stage when suddenly one of the team members, Erik, started to paddle freely like you would with a fallen chain. After a quick examination it was clear the problem was much bigger than that. The free-hub broke and was not engaging therefore the cassette was spinning freely in both ways. The team spent quite some time trying to fix the issue with various techniques like securing the cassette with zip-ties and small carabiners – but nothing worked. It all seemed like they would not be able to continue but then their luck turned as the French team Agde Raid Aventure Ensangble showed up.
As it turned out, Philippe Geral from the French team was not planning to continue as he had a severe pain in his legs. He kindly offered his one-month-old bike to Hamilton with the words: “get it to the finish line!” And as a true hero he even helped them with the assembly while having hard time standing up.

This story truly showcases what adventure racing is all about! It is an incredibly tough sport where the line between success and failure is so fragile that in one moment you can be on the top of the world while a second later anything can go wrong. But luckily there are the kindest people around to help and support you at any time!

Follow team Hamilton and Philippe’s bike on the live-tracking HERE!

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