#1 Final Newsletter NIAR Ragnarök


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Final Newsletter NIAR Ragnarök

Welcome to Stockholm!

We look forward to meeting you all in person over the next few weeks, and seeing you out on the amazing course.  Enjoy the beautiful days as we get closer to NIAR Ragnarök.

Climbing  / Ropeskills

  • Rappel device; ATC, ATC Guide or Reverso 3 el. 4.
  • Harness with belay loop
  • 1 pieces of 120 cm polyester or dyneema sling.
  • 1 piece of 60 cm polyester or dyneema sling.
  • 3 pieces of carabineers.
  • Prussic: 135 cm long 6 mm rope when its not tied. Must be tied with double fisherman knot.
  • Helmet: CE standard Bike Helmet.
  • Leather gloves.

You will rappel, rope climb with jumars 30 m (Organization will supply jumars and necessary equipment) and rope traverse with bicycle.

At Jummarering/Rope Climbing and Traverse sections, picture will be found for how to rig you equipment safely. You have to rig your gear as shown; other will lead to immediate disqualification. These stations will be manned with STAFF from Klätterteknik.

NOTE: You will carry all your climbing equipment from start to finish.

Helmet will be mandatory for ALL sections at NIAR Ragnarök.

The Swimrun Section will be marked on the map; you have to follow the course as marked. Swim sections will NOT be marked with “in and out flags” for water entry and exit; it will be on your responsible to make the right entry and exit. Trackers need to be visible to the sky.

At night all participants need glow sticks visible for swim sections.

We will have two safety boats.

Mandatory gear compulsory for all teams at Swimrun Section. Exceptions: Tent/Bothy bag and Sleeping bag can be left at TA and TA bag before the Swimrun section.

You will use plastic K2. You have to bring your paddle bag, swimrun gear, helmet (don’t have to be worn) and climbing gear in kayaks to next TA on this section.

Sport Ident
NIAR Ragnarök will use Sport Ident for official timing. You are responsible for your timing chip that will be Zip Tide to your bib. In case of loss, you personally have to reimburse the chip to Nordic Island AB, 500 SEK.

Downtown Camper by Scandic
All participants for NIAR Ragnarök have 15% discount off the ordinary FLEX price between May 26 to May 27. We recommend traveling teams to book this extra night.

You can make your reservation by sending an email to meeting.downtowncamper@scandichotels.com and use this code: 46871862.

NO Bike boxes in the corridors of the hotel. You can store them in you rooms or at the conference rooms (Game room and Board room) on ground floor next to check in.

If you have any food allergies we need to know about, place send an email to sara@niargames.com.

When your arrive check in and get your room at the hotel reception from 15:00. After, you proceed to RACE CHECK IN at Camper Lounge. This conference room you’ll find on ground floor, all the way in on the right (same as last year if you participated, otherwise it will be marked with signs).

Hotel Address:
Downtown Camper by Scandic
Brunkebergstorg 9
111 51 Stockholm

Bike Box
If you ordered a BikeBox , they can be picked up in Älta or be collected at Race Check in at Downtown Camper on May 23rd. Contact: mike@niargames.com

15 % Discount for all participants at www.addnature.com. This is valid for one check out with our code; NIAR19ACDMY

It’s valid to the start of NIAR Valhalla July 11th.

Nordic Islands Adventure Race Ragnarök is scheduled from May 23th – 26st, 2019.

MAY 16, 2019 (Thursday)

  • Logistics plan sent to teams via email with discipline and distance breakdown. Also available for download on website from this day.

MAY 23, 2019 (Thursday)

We recommend all teams to arrive on May 23rd. Registration at Downtown Camper.

  • 15:00 -18:30 Check in and Gear Check (you just have to show your climbing gear at check in).
  • 18:40 We meet in the lobby and walk together to Dinner at Österlånggatan, Gamla Stan.
  • 19:00 Dinner

MAY 24, 2019 (Friday)

  • 07:30 – 09:00 Breakfast
  • 09:00-12:00 Late Check in and Gear Check
  • 13:00 LUNCH
  • 14:00-17:00 Lock down / Map hand out.
  • 17:00 Race Meeting
  • 17:45 Bag drop / Bike box Drop
  • 18:00 Transfer to start with Busses
  • 20:00 DINNER – BBQ outside
  • 21;45 Leave your start bag, one per team.
  • 22:00 Estimated START

MAY 26, 2019 (Sunday)

All team finish, winning team estimated finish in the morning.

  • 18:00 Course closes (44 hours)
  • 19:00 Prize ceremony and Dinner at Downtown Camper.

Strat bag
All team is allowed to bring and leave one start bag (max 50 L) at the starting line with extra clothing. We will have BBQ dinner outside by the water before the race starts.

You will get one set of waterproof maps. You can buy an extra set for 450 SEK. Please let us know by latest Saturday May 18th at micke@niargames.com if you like to buy an extra set of maps.

Price breakdown
Total price money for NIAR Ragnarök 50,000 sek.

1st 30,000 Sek

2nd 15,000 Sek

3rd 5,000 Sek

Price money will just be paid to mixed teams of four.

Best, Race Directors
Staffan Björklund & Micke Hanell

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