Are you ready to join the vikings?

12 – 18 August 2018

6 days of challenge

Over 600 km of trekking, biking, packrafting and swimrunning

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The Nordic Islands Adventure Race will take teams on an epic journey from Sweden to Finland. To complete the 600km course teams must trek/run, bike, packraft, swimrun*, navigate and complete roping elements to reach the finish line.

Course fact: 35% on water. 65% on Swedish, Åland and Finnish soil/ground.

The winning team will complete the course in 3.5 days and all other teams are permitted up to 6 days and 3 hours to complete the course. There will be on cut offs at Ålands Sea and options for short courses with the aim to allow teams the maximum time to complete the full course of 11 Legs. There will be no mandatory stops and no optional controls – a genuine Nordic adventure.

To cross the Ålands Sea safely, the big ocean between Sweden and Åland, the Race Organisation will provide another watercraft for competitors safety. More information will be announced closer to the race.